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Special Exhibition Preserving Japan's Biodiversity for the Future: Clues from Natural History Collections

Food Culture and Nature
National Museum of Nature and Science
December 14, 2021-February 27, 2022
A stuffed specimen of the extinct Japanese otter (National Museum of Nature and Science)
A specimen of Phlegmariurus cunninghamioides which has only been collected once in Japan [National Museum of Nature and Science]
Line drawing of Neottia inagakii, an endangered Japanese orchid, by Nakajima Mutsuko [National Museum of Nature and Science]
Bonin grosbeak, an extinct finch recorded in The Zoology of Captain Beechey's Voyage (Richardson et al. 1839)

This exhibition is based on the results of many years of research conducted by the National Museum of Nature and Science. By exhibiting a combination of natural history specimens including extinct and endangered species, artistic and cultural collections such as natural history illustrations, and cutting-edge technologies such as high-definition 4K images and projection mapping, we will give an overview of biodiversity of the past, present and future in japan.