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To prevent further outbreaks of COVID-19, certain programs may be cancelled or postponed. Instructions to enter may also change too, so please confirm the latest information and details at each program's website.

TOPICS Recommended programs and events for Japan Cultural Expo

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Noh & Kyogen | National Noh Theatre “Representation of Prayer”

#1 Kabuki Makeup ―Another Face―【Introductory Exhibition:Now, let’s get to know Kabuki!】


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Humanity and Nature in Japan” is the overarching theme for the “Japan Cultural Expo” series of programs introducing the many dimensions of the culture and arts of Japan from the prehistorical Jōmon age to the present: art and cultural treasures, performing arts, media arts, lifestyle arts, literary arts, and music, food culture and nature, design and fashion, inclusive society and coexistence of cultures, disaster recovery.