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Must-See Art and Cultural Hotspots in Japan


National Noh Theatre

The National Noh Theatre, which opened in September 1983, holds Noh performances yearly. It includes regular orthodox performances (twice a month), and popular performances with commentary (once a month), typically featuring one Noh play and one Kyogen play. The program is designed to give the audience a comprehensive understanding of the world of Noh and Kyogen should they view the performances over the course of a year. Additionally, the theatre presents special performances and Kyogen meetings to preserve and promote Noh by showcasing a broad range of shows, from rare and new to prominent and restored works. It also hosts affordable annual appreciation classes and performances, making the charm of traditional performing arts easily accessible to youths and adults.

The sponsored performances are always subtitled with lyrics and commentaries in English and Japanese. Alongside this, exhibits with explanatory captions and a bilingual list of works are displayed, further enhancing the accessibility of Noh's beauty and history to a broader audience.

Introducing 'Discover NOH & KYOGEN,' a captivating play that combines Noh and Kyogen performances with bilingual subtitles and commentaries. Witness an authentic Noh play with the National Noh Theatre Showcase, a concise yet enriching two-hour show that starts at 7:00 PM and includes subtitles in both English and Japanese. There are also workshops led by professional Noh performers with English interpretation. It's an excellent opportunity to experience the profound art of Noh first-hand.