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Must-See Art and Cultural Hotspots in Japan


National Theatre Okinawa

The National Theatre Okinawa hosts performances of Okinawan traditional performing arts such as "Kumiodori", a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage, and "Ryukyu Buyo", a nationally designated Important Intangible Cultural Property. Additionall, it also features performing arts from mainland Japan that have influenced Okinawan performing arts, and performing arts from the Asia-Pacific region.

Kumiodori "Shushin Kaneiri" (Okinawan Folk Dance)
Kumiodori "Manzai Tekiuchi" (Okinawan Folk Dance)

The National Theatre Okinawa is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. To mark this milestone, the theatre is offering the opportunity to experience the supreme quality of Okinawan traditional performing arts—a wonder only possible at this theatre. All are welcome, whether from Japan or overseas. The performances include earphone guides, subtitle tablets, and explanatory manuals for foreign guests to ensure enjoyment. Along with its 20th-anniversary performance, the theatre is also holding an exhibition reflecting on the past 20 years in multilingual formats. The theatre will even present lectures and demonstrations on its research of the unique karakuri fireworks of the Ryukyu Kingdom.