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Commemorating the 1200th Anniversary of Saichō’s Death: Buddhist Art of the Tendai School

Art and Cultural Treasures
Tokyo National Museum
Kyushu National Museum
Kyoto National Museum
October 12-November 21, 2021 (Tokyo National Museum)
February 8-March 21, 2022 (Kyushu National Museum)
April 12-May 22, 2022 (Kyoto National Museum)
"Saichō" from Prince Shōtoku and Eminent Tendai Monks
Heian period, 11th century, Ichijō-ji Temple, Hyōgo (National Treasure)
*Exhibited only at the Tokyo and Kyoto venues.
*On exhibit from October 12 to November 7, 2021 at Tokyo National Museum. Kyoto National Museum is also planning to change the exhibition of this work. For details, please visit the exhibition's official website.
*Captions are subject to change.

This year 2021 is the 1200th anniversary commemorating the death of Saicho who established Tendai sect in the early Heian period of Japan. The doctrine of Tendai sect founded on the Lotus Sutra has spread all over Japan and affected Japanese Culture. This exhibition will introduce visitors the history of Tendai sect  from the beginning to the pre modern era and also give a rare opportunity to encounter the precious collections which has been protected and handed down in various places of Japan, and special properties which involved with the spirit of Lotus Sutra.