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The 1,400th Memorial for Prince Shōtoku HŌRYŪJI Prince Shōtoku and Treasures of Early Buddhist Faith in Japan

Art and Cultural Treasures
Nara National Museum
Tokyo National Museum
April 27-June 20, 2021 (Nara National Museum)
July 13-September 5, 2021 (Tokyo National Museum)
Prince Shōtoku with Two Princes (Copy), By Kanō Osanobu (1796–1846), Edo period, 1842, Tokyo National Museum, (On exhibit from July 13 to September 5, 2021)
Kanjō-ban (Gilt Bronze Banner for the Kanjō Ceremony), Asuka period, 7th century, National Treasure, Tokyo National Museum ( detail )

The next year 2021 will be a milestone of the 1400th commemorating the death of Prince Shōtoku. In honor of the achievements of Prince Shōtoku, who is legendry regarded as the founder of Buddhism in Japan, the exhibition will be organized in order to give visitors a rare opportunity to encounter the precious collections from Horyuji treasures relating to Prince Shōtoku as well as valuable cultural properties since the Asuka period.