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Japan Cultural Expo Special Performance at the Kokyo Gaien National Garden -Representation of Prayer-

Performing Arts
Kokyo Gaien National Garden
March 12-14, 2021
Nijubashi Bridge
"Okina" Kanze Kiyokazu Photo by Nikaido Ken
Ryukyuan Dance "Yotsutake"
Urahama Nenbutsu Kenbai Photo by Urahama Nenbutsu Kenbai Preservation Society

For the first time, we will hold a traditional performing arts event at a special venue with the Imperial Palace's Nijubashi Bridge in the background. The event will primarily feature works of noh and kyogen, along with performances of folk performing arts from the disaster-hit Tohoku area as a prayer for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and performances of Ryukyu performing arts as a prayer for reconstruction of Shuri Castle. Don’t miss this rare chance to enjoy the noh piece “Okina,” among many other classic works of performing arts, with the extensive gardens of the Imperial Palace in the background.
Online video streaming service is available (live-streaming and VOD).