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Journey through Nohgaku

'Noh' and 'Kyogen' are performing arts emblematic of Japan, continuously practiced for over 650 years since the Muromachi Period (1333-1573 CE). Together, they are called "Nohgaku," often referred to as “Noh” or “Noh play” for short. Nohgaku is said to have influenced various other performing arts.

"Journey through Nohgaku" is a new approach that delivers the charm of Nohgaku from various perspectives such as the seasons, nature, and history. The concept is to "rediscover Japan through Nohgaku,"linking these themes with the idea of a journey.

Over the course of history, this art form was beloved by many warlords, and in modern times it has been designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, and is highly regarded both in Japan and overseas.

It has been over twenty years since it became a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2001. As Nohgaku continues to transform, it adds to its rich, enduing history. Let's embark together on a Nohgaku journey.

Noh Travel/Island Trip Travelogue

Nationwide excursion tours will be held, combining the immersive experience of Japan's culture, food, history, nature, and landscapes on beautiful islands with high-quality Noh performances at Noh theaters across the country.

1. Chikubu Island, Shiga Prefecture
2. Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture
3. Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture
4. Miyajima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture
5. Okinawa Prefecture
- All tours include the services of an English-speaking guide.
- Active Noh performers will also accompany you on the tour.

Journey through Nohgaku
Journey through Nohgaku

Noh Travel/Noh Theater Walkabout

Promoting the theme "Visit a Noh theater when in Japan!", Noh theaters will serve as exhibition spaces to learn about the pinnacle of Japanese culture.

- Kanze Noh Theater, Tokyo Prefecture
- Yarai Noh Theater, Tokyo Prefecture
- Interactive programs and performances will be conducted in English

Journey through Nohgaku

Noh Journey/Metaverse

A metaverse space will be created where you can enjoy and learn about Noh anytime, anywhere, regardless of location. A space modeled after a traditional Noh theater will host exhibitions featuring videos, photos, and explanatory texts that illuminate the world of Noh.

- Scheduled to be held from January to March 2024

Journey through Nohgaku

Island Trip Travelogue (Chikubu Island, Shiga Prefecture)

Place : Nakagawa Noh stage, Chikubu Island
Time : July 22, 2023
Access : By ferry from Nagahama Port, Imazu Port, and Hikone Port
Link : Journey through Nohgaku

Island Trip Travelogue (Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture)

Place : On Sado Island
Time : August 22, 2023
Access : From Niigata Port to Ryotsu Port
2 hours 30 minutes by car ferry / 1 hour 7 minutes by jetfoil
Link : Journey through Nohgaku

Island Trip Travelogue (Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture)

Place : On Awaji Island
Time : September 2023(TBD)
Access : Via Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge from Honshu
Via Onaruto Bridge from Shikoku
Link : Journey through Nohgaku

Island Trip Travelogue (Miyajima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Place : On Miyajima Island
Time : November 2023(TBD)
Access : Approximately 10 minutes by ferry from Miyajimaguchi Pier
Link : Journey through Nohgaku

Island Trip Travelogue (Okinawa Prefecture)

Place : Valley of Gangala / Shikina-en Royal Garden
Time : December 2023(TBD)
Access : Valley of Gangala (about 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport) / Shikina-en Royal Garden (20 minutes by car from Naha Airport)
Link : Journey through Nohgaku

Noh Theater Walkabout (Kanze Noh Theater, Tokyo)

Place : Kanze Noh Theater
Time : November and December 2023(TBD)
Access : Directly connected to Ginza Station
Link :
Journey through Nohgaku
KANZE.net Official Website

Noh Theater Walkabout (Yarai Noh Theater, Tokyo)

Place : Yarai Noh Theater
Time : February or March 2024(TBD)
Access : Two-minute walk from Kagurazaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
Link : Journey through Nohgaku