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Here's an introduction for how to walk around the Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM!

While walking freely in the virtual space, visitors can experience different forms of Japanese beauty through video, VR and images. In particular, Mt. Fuji and ‘sakura’, also known as cherry blossoms, which are one of the symbols of Japan, have influenced many works of art. You will be able to encounter many of these within the Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM. We hope you will enjoy the diverse forms of Mt. Fuji and sakura.

Recommended courses for Sakura:

Highlight #1

Okura Museum of Art
Cherry Blossom Viewing at Night by Yokoyama Taikan

This folding screen was created by Yokoyama Taikan for the Japanese Fine Art Exhibition held in Rome, which took place in 1930 with the support of Okura Kishichiro, and is a representative work of Taikan's painting career. It is one of Taikan's most famous works, depicting a moonlit spring evening, with cherry blossoms lit by a bonfire and contrasting pine trees.

Area:Water Museum C-S8-2

Highlight #2

Japanese Traditional Performing Arts

Onoe Kikunosuke talks about the relationship between Japanese people and nature as seen through traditional Japanese performing arts. Kabuki, one of the traditional performing arts, values the four seasons of Japan. While there are performances for each of the four seasons, in spring, ‘Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura’ and ‘Kinkakuji’ have cherry blossom as their theme.

Area:Wood Art Theatre 2F-I

Highlight #3

Special Exhibition
KIMONO: Fashioning Identities
Beauty Looking Back, By Hishikawa Moronobu(1603-1700), Edo period, 17th century, Tokyo National Museum

This painting depicts the moment a young woman wearing a vivid red satin kimono looks back. The hem of her long hair is tied into a ball knot, and a comb and hairpin are casually displayed to enhance her youthfulness. On ‘Rinzu’ silk fabric with a small floral pattern, there are round designs of chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms depicted in ‘Kanoko Shibori’ tie-dyeing and embroidery, which was popular during the Genroku period around the late 1600’s. The obi (sash) with ‘Shippo Tsunagi’ pattern, which originally means the seven treasures of Buddhism, is tied slackly down in a ‘Kichiya Knot’, which was also popular at this time.

Area:Water Museum B-N4-1

Highlight #4

National Noh Theatre Special Exhibition 2021: Japanese People and Nature – Noh and Japanese Art
Folding Screen with Design of Mt. Yoshino

This folding screen depicts Mt. Yoshino with cherry trees in full bloom and people who are visiting Kinpusenji Temple while enjoying cherry-blossom viewing. The Noh program, ‘Yoshino Tennin,’ portrays interactions between people from Kyoto who are visiting to see cherry blossom and an inhabitant of heaven. Please enjoy the video of the special exhibition.

Area:Wood Art Theatre 2F-Ha

Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM

Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM has been launched. This platform combines “real” experiences at physical venues and “virtual” experiences through online digital content, promoting these within Japan and beyond.
Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM allows everyone to experience its art exhibitions, performing arts, nature, and art festivals in the virtual world, utilizing video, VR, and images.