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Here's an introduction for how to walk around the Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM!

While walking freely in the virtual space, visitors can experience different forms of Japanese beauty through video, VR and images. In particular, Mt. Fuji and ‘sakura’, also known as cherry blossoms, which are one of the symbols of Japan, have influenced many works of art. You will be able to encounter many of these within the Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM. We hope you will enjoy the diverse forms of Mt. Fuji and sakura.

Recommended courses for Mt. Fuji:

Highlight #1

Yamatane Museum of Art
Divine Spirit by Yokoyama Taikan

Mt. Fuji peeks out from the sea of clouds in the centerpiece of this work, and its divinity is emphasized by the use of kindei (gold paint) in the background. According to Yokoyama Taikan, there are examples of Mt. Fuji being referred to as “Shinshin", meaning “Divine Spirits” in ancient texts, and his own image of the mountain is also based on this name. The passion toward Mt. Fuji by Taikan, who loved and repeatedly painted it, can be seen in both the title and the painting. Taikan permitted our museum’s founder to purchase this painting on the condition that a museum would be opened.

Area:Water Museum C-S9-2

Highlight #2

Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration

Registered as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013, Fujisan has erupted repeatedly since ancient times. Therefore, a shrine was built in the 9th century to “calm down” Fujisan so that it would not erupt again.
Later during the Edo period, religious climbs of the mountain became popular among the masses.
In addition, Fujisan has appeared as the subject in many works of art, including ukiyo-e color prints.

Area:Water Museum C-S7-1

Highlight #3

Kōgei 2020: The Art of Crafting Beauty from Nature
Akafuji (Red Fuji), Itō Hiroshi, 2015 (private collection)

This work depicts Mt. Fuji in lacquer. The form of the mountain, as well as the forest spreading out in front, are depicted in relief, with layers of red and green lacquer applied using a polishing technique called ‘togidashi’. The moon, clouds and mists shining solemnly against the pitch-black background are portrayed with gold leaf, platinum powder and gold powder respectively.

Area:Water Museum B-N6-2

Highlight #4

NIppon Genki Project 2021
World Heritage Runway at Mt. Fuji

Japanese designers who were gaining global attention, as well as upcoming young fashion talents, gathered at the foot of the sacred Mt. Fuji. They presented a fashion runway featuring a variety of works created with Japan's world-class traditional techniques and industries, and distributed it as a video work. The monument of Mt. Fuji that appears at the finale is made up of photographs collected from students in Japan and abroad. The image of people's dreams and thoughts coming together to create a strong energy is visualised as Mt. Fuji.

Area:Wood Art Theatre 2F-Ri

Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM

Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM has been launched. This platform combines “real” experiences at physical venues and “virtual” experiences through online digital content, promoting these within Japan and beyond.
Japan Cultural Expo VIRTUAL PLATFORM allows everyone to experience its art exhibitions, performing arts, nature, and art festivals in the virtual world, utilizing video, VR, and images.