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Repair Site of Traditional Japanese Houses​ Open for Viewing

The Nara Prefectural Museum of Folklore (also known as Nara Minpaku) lies in the vast 26.6-hectare Yamato Folk Park. It exhibits tools and implements used in daily life and agriculture, mainly from the early 19th to the mid-20th century, which the people of Nara have passed down through never-ending improvement and ingenuity. The museum's location, Yamato Folk Park, is home to 15 traditional Japanese buildings relocated and restored from various parts of the prefecture, dating from the early 18th to mid-19th centuries. Three of these houses are nationally designated Important Cultural Properties and 10 are prefectural Cultural Properties. Discover how life was in Nara 100 years ago.

A look at the Restoration Site of Traditional Japanese Houses​ (Image)

The preservation and repair site of the Former Usui Family Residence (a nationally designated Important Cultural Property) and the roof replacement site of the Former Matsui Family Residence (a prefectural Tangible Cultural Property) are now open to the public.

The Former Usui Family Residence was originally in Takatori Town, Kamitosa. Although its construction date is unknown, it is estimated to have been built in the early 18th century. While its overall appearance and floor plan is reminiscent of a farmhouse, elements typical of townhouses, such as the latticework in the backroom, splendidly represent the semi-agricultural, semi-commercial character of the town at the time.

The Former Matsui Family Residence was originally a farmhouse in Uda District, Muro Village (now Uda City), Kamikasama, likely constructed in the first half of the 19th century. Despite its age, it retains traditional architectural styles, excellently illustrating the characteristics and evolution of eastern mountain houses.

Admire the construction and interior of these traditional Japanese houses—a sight only present now during its restoration phase.

Repair Site of Traditional Japanese Houses Open for Viewing
Former Usui Family Residence
Former Matsui Family Residence

Main works (stored items)

Museum Main Exhibition Hall

The museum exhibits tools related to the daily life and livelihood in Nara Prefecture since the 19th century. The exhibits display Nara's rice production tools according to the four seasons. Moreover, the museum also explores forestry, tea cultivation, pharmaceuticals, medicine sales, goldfish farming and other trades rooted in the region's unique landscape and history. Peer into the wisdom these tools hold within—the accumulation of improvement and ingenuity and the locals' response to regional differences. We encourage you to personally observe these pre-war cultural artifacts and contemplate the many facets of local craftsmanship and lifestyle. Discover and connect with the rich heritage of the area.

Museum Main Exhibition Hall

Traditional Japanese Houses In Yamato Folk Park

Yamato Folk Park is like a miniature of Nara Prefecture. 15 traditional buildings exhibited outdoors were relocated and restored to match their original locations. Wander through the historic homes and examine the differences in areas and shapes to get a glimpse of how the people adapted to the various climates and terrains across Nara Prefecture.

Nara Prefectural Museum of Folklore - Traditional Houses (2022 Agency for Cultural Affairs Subsidy Project 'Traditional Japanese Houses VR Tour: Images of the Former Usui Family Residence) and Drone Photographs of Kunnaka region.