About Living History Project

The Living History Project brings Japanese history to life through special experiences and events staged at some of the country's most historic and culturally important sites. Highlights include re-enactments of traditional ceremonies and parades, special exhibitions, and engaging, hands-on activities.

Try on period costumes at UNESCO-designated Himeji Castle; learn about Nijo-jo Castle and the Tokugawa shoguns in Kyoto; or explore Japan's prehistory at the site of an ancient settlement in Tokamachi, Niigata.

The experiences and events draw on historical records and are designed to provide an enjoyable and authentic introduction to Japanese history. They offer an insight into the lifestyles and customs of the people of centuries past and breathe new life into Japan's vast array of heritage destinations.

The Living History Project (Living Historical Experience Program) adopted in fiscal 2019

Prefecture Subsidized Organization Subsidized Project Essential Cultural Properties
Niigata Tokamachi City Introduction to Jomon Culture and Cuisine Deep-bowl type earthenware excavated from the Sasayama site in Niigata Prefecture (Flame-style pottery)
Hyogo Himeji City Castle Life and Period Costumes at Himeji Castle Himeji Castle Hiroshima
Kyoto Former Naval Base City Japan Heritage Promotion Council Discover Japan's Naval History at Maizuru Red Brick Park Former Official Residence of Commander-in-Chief of the Kure Naval Station
Former chinju-fu warehouse in Maizuru
Kyoto Living History in Kyoto Nijo-jo Castle Council History Brought to Life at Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto Nijo-jo Castle
Ishikawa Ishikawa Prefecture Culture and the Arts in Ishikawa Kenrokuen Garden
Kanazawa Castle
Seihaku-sai Festival hikiyama float parade
Oku-noto no Aenokoto
Ishikawa Kanazawa City Experience Edo-Period Life at Yuwaku Edo Village in Kanazawa Former residential house of Matsushita family
Ishikawa Kaga City Experience Seafaring Culture in Kaga City Kaga Hashitate area (important preservation districts with groups of historic buildings)
Iwate Yahaba Town Uncover the History of a Ninth-Century Castle Town in Yahaba, Iwate Tokutan Castle site
Wakayama Wakayama City Historical Experience Program Promotion Council The History and People of Wakayama Castle Wakayama Castle
Nara Asuka Village Visit an Ancient Stone Tomb in Nara Ishibutai tumulus
Fukui Ichij┼Źdani Asakura Clan Ruins Promotion Council Samurai Life in Ichijodani, Fukui Ichij┼Źdani Asakura Clan Ruins