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Tsurunomai Bridge
Tsurunomai Bridge
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Tsurunomai Bridge


Information Address: Mawarizeki Osawa 81-150, Tsuruta Town, Kita-Tsugaru, Aomori Prefecture

Enjoy dramatic mountain scenery from the beautifully arched Tsurunomai Bridge in Aomori. The bridge is a set of three connected wooden bridges, each arching gracefully over Tsugaru Fujimi Lake, one of the largest reservoirs in the region. Tsugaru Fujimi refers to Mt. Iwamoto, the largest mountain in Aomori, which is visible from the lake. Tsurunomai Bridge spans a total of 300 meters and is the longest arched wooden bridge in the country. It is a symbol of the township of Tsuruta and the wider region, and is popular with photographers, especially around sunset. The mountain, lake, and wooden craftsmanship of the bridge make a pleasant composition.