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"I hope that, you too, will find all of the cute and admirable things Japan has offered."

To promote the Japan Cultural Expo in Japan and the rest of the world, we have decided, as of January 15,2020, to appoint actress Tetsuko Kuroyanagi as the ambassador of this project. A press conference and the official ceremony was held at Hall B of Toranomon Hills (Minato Ward, Tokyo). Here is what the ambassador has spoken on this occasion.

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

PR Ambassador of the Japan Cultural Expo

Hello, I'm Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, the PR ambassador of the Japan Cultural Expo.
Wearing kimonos and eating Japanese cuisine is something I love to do. But I personally feel that many incredible aspects is little known to both Japan and abroad. It's really disheartening. The Japan Cultural Expo, which I have been appointed as an ambassador of, will be showcasing not only kimonos and food, but performances of Kabuki and Noh, the artistry of ukiyo-e and Japanese swords, and everything that may be intimidating for first-timers - presented in a way that could be understood easily.

They've done Kabuki and taiko workshops at the Japan Cultural Expo for foreign audiences in the past, and people were thrilled! The Expo will also be showcasing modern Japanese art forms, such as manga and anime.

In fact, beautiful things are all around us. As the Olympic and Paralympic Games will attract attention to Japan, we hope that the Japan Cultural Expo will bring to everyone, an easy way to appreciate of the wonderful aspects of Japan.

I hope that, you too, will find all of the cute and admirable things Japan has offered.
Thank you.