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Art Brut-CREATION-Nippon

Inclusive Society and Coexistence of Cultures
①Tohoku area
Aiina Center , Morioka station square shopping street

②Kanto・Koshin area
The Prince Chichibu Memorial Civic Hall , Former Ashigakubo Elementary School , Old Hinoharu Elementary School , Yamanashi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Annex , Verdant Garden Verga

③Kinki area & Grand Finale
Biwako Hall Center for the Prerforming Arts,Shiga , PIAZZA OMI , Borderless Art Museum NO-MA
①October 2021
②October-December 2021
③February 2022
Buddha Statue/Kimura Yusuke/2001/Onishi Nobuo
Performance of Iwami Kagura Program: Orochi/Iwami Welfare Society Performing Arts Club

Culture Festival will be held to spread the idea of “Humanity and Nature in Japan” both within the country and overseas from the perspectives of people with disabilities. The art expressions of disabled people as well as their attitude to life living with disabilities show a strong sense of love and appreciation that the Japanese have had for natural colors and sounds of the changing seasons ever since the Jomon period. This festival will be held in 7 different locations in Japan from 2020 to 2021.