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A taste of Jomon-period cuisine
A taste of Jomon-period cuisine
Program Program
Food Culture and Nature

Introduction to Jomon Culture and Cuisine

Title Introduction to Jomon Culture and Cuisine
Place Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture
Time Starts June 2020 (TBC)


In June 2020, the Tokamachi City Museum will re-open at a new location close to the remains of the Sasayama settlement, an archaeological site that has yielded a number of distinctive “flame pots” from the Jomon period (14,000–350 BCE). A new open-air restaurant at the site will offer a modern take on Jomon-period cusine, while visitors can learn more about Jomon culture and lifestyles through exhibits of traditional clothing, archery tools, and living spaces. This immersive attraction will provide a window into Jomon culture and the unique art inspired by this prehistoric people's integral relationship with the natural environment.