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Our 8 Themes

Art and Cultural Treasures

From prehistoric Jomon times to the present, Japanese have expressed their reverence for nature and gratitude for its bounty in their daily lives. In this category, Japan Cultural Expo introduces art and cultural treasures that express the full range of the “arts of Japan,” from the pottery and figurines of the Jomon period (13,000-500 BC), Buddhist statuary and other forms of sculpture, ukiyoe woodblock prints, folding screens, and other paintings, and works of handcraft, to modern art, manga, and anime.
Among the attractions of Japan’s landscape and culture is the beauty of its architecture and furnishings, from traditional to modern, of temples, shrines, and dwellings. Here we also introduce the work being done in Japan in repair and renovation technologies utilizing traditional natural materials such as handmade paper and natural lacquer. These technologies pass down techniques for the repair of cultural properties, utilizing the latest technologies for reproduction and copying. This section also presents various hands-on and other experience programs through which interested people can come in close contact with art and cultural treasures.